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CONSULTATION: Fill out the consultation form to speak with one of our coaches. All consultations are done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We will talk about your goals, why you want to achieve them and how we can help. At Heretic, a consultation is just a conversation…not a commitment.


FUNDAMENTALS: Once you’ve decided Heretic is for you, your next step is our Fundamentals process. This is where you and your coach will design your Fundamentals to get you ready for classes. Our Fundamentals are done on a 1-1 basis so you get the personal attention you need. This is where learning occurs – technique, mobility, healthy eating and much more!


MEMBERSHIP: Our memberships are designed to keep you excited about fitness, practice what you learned in your Fundamentals and help alleviate boredom found in a traditional gym. Each membership has PT built in so there’s no up-selling from your coach. You’ll work with your coach to achieve goals and reach new levels of fitness you once thought impossible.

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