Group Fitness

Group Fitness program Near Me In Olney, Maryland

Our group classes are designed with general fitness as the underlying goal. Designed to promote and enhance your health, our Group Classes are programmed to build a solid foundation of strength, aerobic capacity, and skill. While focusing on proper mechanics and movement quality over intensity, our coaches work with you at your level and lead you through workouts that are scalable yet challenging. This is all done based on the individual so you may be doing something different than the person next to you.

There are NO DARK ROOMS, NO NEON FLASHING LIGHTS, AND NO COACHES ON A HEADSET YELLING OUT MOVEMENTS. You’ll be lead through every step and every movement to ensure you feel comfortable – allowing you to get the most out of every class you attend.

The incredible energy, support and commardery of like minded members and coaches will help keep you on track day in and day out.

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